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  • Leave her the he’ll alone I heard what some of these so called no life said about her at Aretha ‘s Awesome Home going and it pisses me off how some non talent people can’t even hold a note if it bit them on the ASS and asked for help STUPID NO CLASS IDIOTS SMH!. People and True Fans will agree she is absolutely AWESOME ‘ get a life and move on she should be RESPECTED like the Queen of soul said and who will ever be Honoured!

  • She is amazing and brilliant and a “vegan” role model. My kids all look up to her amazing legacy! I love her music.

  • Dwane johnson on

    I have had to stand at the podium with lyrics in and/or on the podium or bible. What’s the big deal? I would rather her to sing her “face off” that be off note, out of key et. People today are becoming more and more rude and negative about everything. We all know Ms Khan can sing her ass off. These comments with the lyrics to her fan, better than her standing their looking dumb not knowing the lyrics and having to stop and ask for the lyrics…

  • Chaka is unique and original ..truly awe inspiring…Can’t wait for the new album..Long live Chaka!

  • Gilda Walker on

    Chaka did very well honoring one of her closest friends and mentor. Detroit loved the Queen of Soul and so did Chaka. Thank you so much for your contributions Chaka giving of yourself even when you are grieving. Aretha always spoke highly of Chaka on television, social media and radio so those that didn’t know the love and respect for her friend wouldn’t understand how hard it was for Chaka to sing that day. We love you Chaka thank you again! Many will always give you the respect you definitely deserve despite the haters, you are a genius in your own right no one can touch what you do!

    Bravo Queen Chaka much love!!

  • Darvin Stevens on

    i agree with those who were not offended by her having the lyrics in hand.. When you have sung so many songs that she has sung year after year and your learning new song”s every day ???????? Who can remember all of the lyric”s?????? And her genius has you wanting to hear a song again and again then it grows on you and you hear notes, words or music instruments that pop out at you that you did not here the first time and they become her classics in time. I did not get her arrangement of going up yonder at first but as i play it over and over it is well done and a future classic by her. i have loved her since Tell me something good and been under her spell every since. This lady has some strength not only in her voice but in her soul to still be around after all shes seen and been through. God Bless Chaka Khan !!!! Her long length of diversity people she has worked with is wider than any other female from late great jazz icons like “Miles Davis, Dizzy Gilipsy, Bobby Cobham, Lionel Hampton, George Duke, To Living artist George Benson , Four play< Igcognitto, Quincy Jones, Marcus Miller to rock icons Prince, Steve Win wood< Phil Collins,peter Cetera ,Lenny White, not to mention Whitney & Cissy and Luther used to background her as well as Vesta Williams, Mellisia Morgan ,Her List of musical friends go on and on globally. u tube her songs newer that is on the internet from Ephipany era are all hot as well ""Whatever i want'' Dare u to luv me" "I luv every lil thang about u" with "Miki Howard'" Back Again" The songs never stop coming and her new hits " Its Not Over. I Luv Myself '''' Im Alive"" An the sizzling "Like Sugar???? Those haters in the industry and out need to take a seat…an do their homework her song book is being taught at Berkley college, She sang happy B-Day To Snoop an Busta, Escorted to music awards by 50 cent, She can hang with them all ,,,,,which tells us shes down to earth. Rock On Chaka !!!!!!!!!!!WE Love YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David E Salter on

    The undisputed queen of funk, gave the iconic, and legendary queen of soul. The most moving and heart felt tribute I have ever heard.
    So, she had a cheat sheet, when sang it. Considering she was raised Catholic, and did not know many of the gospel classics. She knew she was not going to mess up her tribute to the queen. Props! 4 CK

  • Sharon Dupre'=El on

    I absolutely loved Ms. Chaka Khan’s Performance at the Late and Great Ms. Aretha Franklin’s Funeral. Ms. Chaka Khan is a very rare person with a very special gift. She has a unique power that only she can own and possess. At Ms. Aretha Franklin’s Funeral, I witnessed Ms Khan unleash a portion of her special kind of high energy into the atmosphere. I am not kidding, just take a look at the peoples instantaneous reaction to Ms. Chaka Khan’s vocal presence. Everyone got up out of their seats and bathed themselves inside Ms. Chaka Khan’s Aura and they got happy… She sang the Word and in those moments, she gave us comfort in our hearts, enjoyment to our ears, and peace to our troubled minds. Yeah, Ms. Chaka Khan’s got it going on, and she will always keep it going on… Keep it hot Ms. Chaka Khan.


  • Felicia. S. Mosquito on


  • What happened to the 3rd part of Khan knows?

  • You were great at the Tournament Of Roses Parade

  • Ms. Khan – My favorite singer EVER since ’74…

  • Richard Esten-cleverly on

    Well, we have lost so many Amazing Artists over the last few.years, so we should Learn.from.this and apreciate Great Artists Who are still around. Chaka for example. It is a,real bläst to See her looking healthy and Happy, and She has survived in.a real Tough Business. So we must celebrate Chaka whilst She is still.singing, Touring, and making Albums.
    There is just one Chaka Kahn on.the Planet! God bless her and Keep her on.good health and Good Spirit. She has more than earned it.

  • David E Salter on

    2019 has not began the way I had hoped. I am 60 yrs old and really, feeling it, mentally and physically. But, the most exciting and inspiring event, has been Chaka Khan’s new cd. “Hello Happiness”, is the perfect, booster shot. To keep me charged and ready to enjoy, this next , phase of my life!
    Love you all my lifetime, CK!

  • How can I calculate the joy you have given me
    how can I enumerate the blessings you have bestowed ?

    your smile IS sunshine your voice is heaven on earth

    we bask in your beauty bathe in your light
    i dance to your heart beat i explode to your love endowed

    on us we gather round as your happiness flows thru

    see u in Raleigh

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