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  • Leave her the he’ll alone I heard what some of these so called no life said about her at Aretha ‘s Awesome Home going and it pisses me off how some non talent people can’t even hold a note if it bit them on the ASS and asked for help STUPID NO CLASS IDIOTS SMH!. People and True Fans will agree she is absolutely AWESOME ‘ get a life and move on she should be RESPECTED like the Queen of soul said and who will ever be Honoured!

  • Gilda Walker on

    Chaka did very well honoring one of her closest friends and mentor. Detroit loved the Queen of Soul and so did Chaka. Thank you so much for your contributions Chaka giving of yourself even when you are grieving. Aretha always spoke highly of Chaka on television, social media and radio so those that didn’t know the love and respect for her friend wouldn’t understand how hard it was for Chaka to sing that day. We love you Chaka thank you again! Many will always give you the respect you definitely deserve despite the haters, you are a genius in your own right no one can touch what you do!

    Bravo Queen Chaka much love!!

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