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  • Trying to get a message through to Chaka. How do I do that

  • Kimberly Culberson on

    I am a singer/songwriter that happens to be legally blind. I taught first grade in the 90,s for 18mos. But,it didn’t work out long-term. I’ve lived on disability benefits for 25years. I wrote a song entitled “God Be Glorified ” twenty years ago. But, I can’t afford to produce it. Would you ,or do you know someone that would help me. Your fan Kim

  • Vicki Fambro on

    Ms. Chaka Khan
    You are awesome and quite amazing and absolutely beautiful! I have listened to your rendition of Goin’ Up Yonder sang at Aretha’s funeral over and over. I thought taping the lyrics to your classy hand fan was to cool. (smile). May God continue to bless you with that wonderful voice and spirit. Have a great day!

  • I just love your music love your style


    I would like to get in touch with Chaka, as we were in high school together . PLEASE,HAVE HER CONTACT ME. THX😁

  • Hi, no one is coming back to my booking requests?

    • All requests are sent to our PR team and evaluated based upon current schedule, priority and other factors. If they don’t get back to you then they aren’t able to accommodate your request at this time.

      Thank you for your interest.
      CK Enterprises

  • Booking inquiry – Australia/ new Zealand. Please contact ASAP to discuss possible tour or one off New Zealand concert. Red light have not replied.
    Shine on

    • If you sent in an inquiry via the online form, then the request is being considered through our team. The online booking form can be found:

      If they respond to the inquiry then there is interest in the opportunity; if not, then you can assume there is no interest at this time.

      We appreciate your interest and support. Thank you.

  • Dear Chaka,
    it´s a pleasure to se you´re active again – I have followed you since the seventies and consider you as one of the best singers after Ella.
    KEEP ON SINGING AND SWINGIN! If you need tunes I can provide it – just tell me what bag you need.

  • Richard Esten-cleverly on

    Yesss ! A Thrill that Chaka is in such good Form.I read the Interview. A Joni Album ! That cocks ne Most likely Musical.historiy! Brilliant .Can I geh a copy in Germany! PLEASE

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