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  • Any future performances planned for the UK? If so, please let me know and if I would like to request an interview with Ms Khan. Kind Regards Sandra

  • coming to the Bay Area any time? When I was younger she performed in Oakland Pride but I had to leave right as she was starting and I’ve alway regretted it! Would love to see her perform live!

  • Cynthia Robles on

    I love to see you at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California. When can we expect you?

  • Take as much time off as you need Ms. Khan, you deserve a break from it all.

  • Time of my life seeing your beautiful strong presence at a super small venue on the REAL (West) side of Milwaukee in the early 90s. So so much love for you here! Please think of coming back. So happy with your recent success. For you and my ears! Much LOVE. MKE SISTER

  • we wanna see chaka at the venue hammond indiana

  • Chaka, PLEASE, TAKE time to rest and refresh you, for as much as I’d love to and do LISTEN to all of your awesome accomplishments, contributions and passionate performances for us your fans, we love you to life, for always. So please, take care of you. You are an exquisite one of a kind gift Our Father has given to us all. We cherish you for all of Eternity always

  • I would love for her to come to Louisiana or anywhere in the south to perform so I can see a full performance , I seen her at the ZULU ball many years ago with other talents who performed that night and I was so Amazed by her performance I started listening to her more and more and and I now must see her in concert with just her , that is my dream !!!! And also one day in the future to interpret her concert for my mom who is Deaf because she told me she always love the beat of her music from back in the day , WOW! I never knew. I started to listenening more and I became so
    Inspired by her lyrics , character , and her style from the 70’s til now, I continue to ask my family if they want to give me a present for my bday and /or Christmas all I ask is to please please send me to a Chaka concert. LOL 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾❤️❤️❤️

  • Gilda Walker on

    Okay I’m guilty I haven’t seen you since December 2016 in (Casino) Indiana/Chicago and then 2017 in Sterling Height, Mi at Freedom Hill! I will travel to see you very soon simply because you are a phenomenal woman !! Every show you’ve given was always great especially when you’re feeling it lady! You deserve a rest so take as much time as you want because you work so hard to please us! Love ❤️ you much take care hope to see you soon.

    Gil from the D

  • Pls come to ATLANTA havent seen you in decades. ATL loves you Chaka

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