“The KHAN Knows” Episode #2

“The KHAN Knows” Episode #2 – I talk about the early years before joining Rufus and my journey into becoming a singer, band member, and artist.

Chaka Khan is creating a new online series called the “The KHAN Knows” – the series will be Chaka’s insights and narration of her career, life, musical artistry, passions, stories, conversations with friends & celebrities, tour & event updates, Q&A sessions with fans and more.

Executive Producers: Chaka Khan, Dwayne Cross
Producers: Gary Clarke
Editor & Camera Operators: Gary Clarke
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There are 2 comments on “The KHAN Knows” Episode #2

  • CK, I love that you’re doing this. You have an astounding history and I’m happy that you continue to document it. Nobody loves you like me. Keep being you. 😘

  • I remember when we told our parents that we were bored they’d say read a book. This was one of those days. As I was reading my book, I heard my first Rufus song. Whoever’s thrilling you is killing me. I fell in love with your voice right then. I’ve been a fevered fan since. It brings me much joy to see you still doing well musically, mentally and physically. May blessings and good fortune continue to rain down on you and your fam. Much love

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