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I’ve had such a good time watching all the “Like Sugar” Challenge submissions since the beginning of August.  They’ve come in from all over the world, and are creative, funny, inspiring & innovative.  It was very difficult to narrow them down to five (5), but these are the ones my team and I have chosen for the TOP 5.

We will use your votes to give away a special set of prize(s) to the TOP 2 that will be chosen by my fans below.



VIDEO #1 Rain Dancer @mezzoart
VIDEO #2 #BigBrother Little Dave @yasminavlog
VIDEO #3 Horns Remix Video Sync @triplehhorns
VIDEO # 4 #SHEstreet #MovementArtist @sheopatra_jones
VIDEO #5 Milwaukee Dancer @cosmicqveen
The video listing is not in any particular order. Please only vote once?!
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There are 16 comments on Like Sugar Challenge Top 5

  • Al Shwers III on

    #3 Horns

  • Michele Honderich on

    Chaka thank you so much for sharing you voice with the world. You kept me alive since I was a little girl. The Wiz and your voice is angelic. If someone asked me who is the coolest woman. I’d say Chaka! This has been a fun thing to participate in. Thanks for creating this event for us this summer.

    My favorite song of all time is Smokin’ Room on Rags to Riches, Rufus.

  • That’s what iking those Afro Puffs she captures the essence of Like Super…when I close my eyes and listen to the song I see a vision of back in time with Afros dashiki shirts and roller skating was the thing..just made you feel like moving.. That’s what Milwaukee Dancer captures Like Sugar

  • YOU GO GIRL!! @vee #Milwaukee

  • Triplehhorns are amazing, so good to see horn music is alive an kicking!!!!

  • Thanks! 😁🙌

  • Couldn’t agree more! Soo good

  • Francesca Martinez on

    VIDEO#3: Horns Remix Video Sync @triplehhorns to Win! Raw talent, simply mesmerizing! Captured effortlessly, That’s the way it was, Happened so naturally 🎼 ♫

  • Francesca Martnez on

    VIDEO#3: Horns Remix Video Sync @triplehhorns Raw talent, simply mesmerizing! Captured effortlessly, That’s the way is was, Happened so naturally 🎼 ♫

  • SassC’ Shakkor on

    Chaka ♥️ The Like Sugar Challenge has been a Joy to watch… an IKHANIC way to bring People into a Funky dynamic that enabled each submission to celebrate their admiration and love for You as They expressed their unique talents set to a phenomenally vibrant creation via You and Your collaborators that proved to be a universal and successful Sweet Challenge! Congratulations to You and each epic entry ♥️💋🌺

  • Go Veeeee

  • @iamacecauzi_ on

    @cosmicqveen betta win!!!

  • Vee Adams smashed this one. It’s a home run

  • You got this! @cosmicqveen

  • The horns are dope.

  • Lillie Rena Staton on

    @ChakaIKhan🌟Thank Y💞U for being more than an “Artist🎤”…You Are The 🌞Sun, 🌝Moon & 🌌Stars!!! #ThroughTheFire🔥

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