“Like Sugar” Challenge Entries

Chaka Khan "Like Sugar Challenge " YouTube Video


#LikeSugarChallenge #LikeSugar #ChakaKhan

To all my #dancers#choreographers, music lovers, fabulous fans. I’m putting out a #LikeSugarChallenge
I want to see your creativity, your #mood, your #Chi, your #Love💜
We’ll pick the #Top10 and then let everyone pick the #Top3 by the end of September 🖤 💃 🎶.
FULL “LIKE SUGAR” VIDEO: https://ChakaKhan.lnk.to/LikeSugarID
#ChakaKhan #LikeSugar #Challenge#FridayMotivation #NewMusicFriday@islandrecordsuk @islandrecords @ian_eastwood @diaryrecords @unitedtalentagency @todrick

Current Submittals as of 15-Aug-2018

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There are 4 comments on “Like Sugar” Challenge Entries

  • Sharon Dupree on

    It’s the love that Chaka Khan puts inside her songs that delights the ears, soothes the mind, opens the heart to feel, and stirs the soul to new heights.

  • Cornelius White on

    Voting Triple Horns for the win!

    The sorealdancers from Houston need a little sumpin’ too 😉


  • Anaya Streeter on

    I vote for shestreet

  • Ms Chaka Khan thank you for brining some sweet joy into my life with your music. Your voice is legendary. Your smile is heart-warming. <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to play your music to my future kids and grandkids.

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