Congratulations to the #LikeSugarChallenge WINNERS

Congratulations to all the wonderful participants of my first dance challenge for my upcoming album. I so enjoyed ALL the submissions over the last few months. There were so many marvelous and creative submissions. It warms my heart to know that so many people from all over the world are dancing, performing, exercising, and singing to the first single of my new album. The diversity and skills that everyone has soon with them submission and comments are just overwhelming, and it warms my heart to see that my music can touch so many people.


#1 Winner is Vee Adams from Milwaukee
#2 Winner is the "Triple H Horns" from London

The Winners will receive a check for:
1st Place = $3000
2nd Place = $2000

They will also get a chance to meet and possibly perform with me when I visit a nearby city to the winners.


#1 Award Winner of $3000

Milwaukee Dancer VIDEO5

#2 Award Winner of $2000

Triple H Horns Remix Video Sync VIDEO3

Thank you to all the participates and for the submittals. It was a joy over the last few months to view and judge all the entries. I look forward to doing it again with some upcoming songs.

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  • I really enjoyed both winners and I’m sure you did too Chaka! Wow what an opportunity for them and such joy in that song! Oh and I love the commercials (Target, Airline and so much more) . Looking forward to this next project I know it will be powerful and entertaining.

    I love it!!


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